“We've been recommending UBuildIt to others because it was like having a member of your family with the immediate expertise to advise you.”
Janet & Hugh

Full Customer Review

What did you remodel? We expanded our kitchen into part of the garage area and remodeled the entire kitchen. We put in all new cabinets, new floor, new appliances, and reconfigured counters.

What was your reason for remodeling? We wanted to update our home. It was built in 1974 and it was time to upgrade and make it more functional.

How did you hear about UBuildIt? We heard about UBuildIt through a friend. They knew about UBuildIt and they knew the owners.

Why did you choose UBuildIt? We met with UBuildIt and we liked what we heard. They could assist us and guide us and make sure we got what we were paying for with the contractors. Plus, they helped us establish a budget and stay within that budget. They helped us choose contractors that were reliable and that we could count on to do the job correctly. We really had no expertise at all and would have had to just trust the contractor. UBuildIt has the expertise, and I felt that having an expert on our side when facing a project like this was important.

What was the hardest part about building? Getting the contractors there on time, and getting the right cabinet pieces in. The cabinet doors didn’t line up and the bars across the doors didn’t line up, and the colors were not correct. UBuildIt got a factory representative to come by and get the problem taken care of. UBuildIt guided us through that process and made sure we got the problem resolved — just like they were a member of the family.

What was the best part of building? I think the best part of the building was being able to pick out exactly what we wanted instead of having someone else tell us their vision. We designed it, UBuildlt helped us get it done, and it’s exactly what we wanted. The result is incredible! We’re really enjoying it. But I think my wife misses the weekly calls from the Consultant. He was really good.

How much time did you spend on the project? We spent up to five hours a week — one of us. I didn’t spend thirty minutes a week on it myself.

Did you get other bids for the remodeling project — and if so, how much were they? We actually saw UBuildIt along with other contractors at home shows. Once we talked with UBuildIt it became clear we were most comfortable with them helping to provide us with contractors that would do a good job and give us a good rate. Contractors don’t want to do small jobs. UBuildIt alleviated a lot of problems for us.

Any other comments? Absolutely — we’ve been recommending UBuildIt to others because it’s like having a member of your family with the immediate expertise to advise you. If we have to recommend to anyone remodeling or building their own home, we would highly recommend talking with UBuildIt — there is so much experience and expertise there, and they make it easy.

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